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The Full Story


Hair is a culture in itself and ever since I was young, I have had a special connection to it. Most of my time is dedicated to HAIR. Teaching friends and family a new technique just because, waiting until the family goes to sleep to try a new style that will no doubt lead to exhaustion, starving myself to finish a hairstyle that I knew was going to take more time than I allowed, or just the excitement I feel when my customers express how pleased they are with my services. Yessss! I am always the personal hype women!  Even maintaining my daughter's hair is a weekend event. Every day of my life I have dedicated time to natural haircare and hair extensions and when I actually took a step back, I realized "This is my Passion, I enjoy doing this" so why not invest in myself which led to the birth of

Hair Status LLC



Regardless of good or bad hair days, natural or extensions, hair makes me happy, and I want to bring that joy to others, regardless of hair type.

At Hair Status LLC you will find a variety of styles for you to choose from at an affordable price. I promise to stay up with the latest trends and only offer it to my customers if I believe in the quality. You will often see me and my team wearing our own product, not only to test it thoroughly but to show we believe in it. 


Our vision is to create a space where regardless of your journey, curl pattern or HAIR STATUS, you can find what you need in us! We already have a pretty wide selection, but we will continue to grow, listening to our customer's needs, staying innovative and growing with the market. Let your beauty compliment our hair at HAIR STATUS, LLC

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